Monday, January 25, 2010


Labor Day BFL
the BFL that i kettle dyed over last year's labor day weekend
3ply BFL
became this 3ply handspun.

and with an assist from this DIC classy
Dream in Color Classy
it grew into a stripey raglan sweater!
Striped Raglan from Color Style
Pattern: Striped Raglan from Color Style
Size: 34" (ended up 32" due to tighter gauge)
Needles: #7 knitpicks harmonies and #5 addi turbos
Yarn: 3ply BFL handspun and DIC Classy in Bermuda Teal
Started: January 15, Finished: January 23

if you want your own stripey raglan, you can use any raglan pattern and knit 2 row stripes. in fact, i might recommend that you don't use this pattern. the neckline instructions were really wonky and i ended up fudging it.

other changes:
i used a cable cast-on.
i added just a little waist shaping, as the pattern doesn't have any.
i shortened the sleeves by 2 inches
i moved the yoke decreases 1 stitch away from the marker to make them more subtle
i knit both sleeves at the same time using magic loop
the forementioned neckline fudging

i kept the underarm seam though. i actually like it more than grafting or 3-needle BO b/c there's no need to put the stitches on holders and it seems more stable.

i didn't do anything to hide the color jogs. i decided i didn't care that much.

i am always on the lookout for patterns that will work well with multi-colored handspun and this one is perfect. i love the subtle color shifts. i still have quite a bit of yarn leftover too, for some mittens or something scrappy.


  1. OH! Love this. The sweater fits really nice and the colors are beautiful!

    Curious - how many yards did you use on the 3 ply and what gauge yarn?

  2. I love these dyed to spun to knit journeys to sweater. It is a lovely and very wearable sweater. Well done!

  3. I liked your pullover from the moment I saw it finished, but I didn't realize you used gorgeous handspun for it!

  4. You know I love me a stripey sweater! It looks great! I bet you hardly even notice the color jogs. I know I don't on mine. 2 rows really don't make much of a jog.

  5. Awesome!!! I love the interplay of the two yarns!

  6. Love love love that sweater!

  7. LOVE this pullover - perfect use for your gorgeous handspun!

  8. Great job on the sweater, it look terrific on you! Fab colors, too!

  9. Love the stripes! Your sweater looks wonderful, and so wearable!



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