Tuesday, January 19, 2010

seeing stripes

i won't be contributing to the Help for Haiti campaign on Ravelry and elsewhere. I believe strongly that charity and commerce shouldn't mix, and I would rather donate directly to a reputable charity. I know that most people are honest and will follow through on their promises, but not everyone is. I would rather not take that chance. So if you want to buy yarn and patterns by all means support your fellow craftspeople but please also consider keeping a few dollars to donate to the Red Cross or other well-known organization. [/soapbox]

onto the knitting:
Striped Raglan from Color Style
i got Color Style from the library. i'm making the striped raglan using some DIC Classy and my 3ply handdyed BFL handspun.
Striped Raglan from Color Style
i could use a new sweater and i wanted something relaxing to work on. i wish i had come across Melissa's blog entry before i started the sleeves. this sleeve technique looks really interesting, and it would have saved me from having to constantly untangle 4 balls of yarn. i am planning to do another striped sweater this year, so maybe i'll give it a go on the next one.

i'm really behind again. i finished a pair of socks and the granny blanket but there never seems to be a good time to get decent photos.


  1. Your granny blanket is done already?!!! Hope to see some pictures soon.
    For me too, it's Red Cross in situations like that.

    Oh, and pretty stripes, love the green of course. :o)

  2. I totally agree with you about the Haiti relief. I plan on donating directly to the Red Cross and World Vision. I might however buy from one or two trustworthy designers though.

  3. I'll be honest, I don't trust MYSELF to donate X% of proceeds received from the sale of anything I'd ever put up for sale. Too much bookkeeping! Maybe if I had someone doing the books for me. Ha ha!

    I went UNICEF...I'm a softie for the kids.

    Love that stripe. The color reminds me of the northern lights.

  4. I cannot believe you finished the granny blanket.

    The sweater should be very comfy when finished. I always think that when I see striped sweaters. I don't know why.



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