Friday, January 08, 2010

Pretty Yarn Day: CMF Fiber Club

I joined the Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club because it has a nice variety of fibers, many of which I've never tried before. You have the option to choose a standard colorway or to get a surprise color of the month.
Crown Mountain Farm Fibers Club
This is 4oz of falkland in the surprise colorway, Awakenings. Honestly these aren't really my colors, so for next month's finn, i've opted to pick a colorway. i've spun falkland only once before. it's very easy to spin and is similar to corriedale.
Crown Mountain Farms Jan Fiber Club
2ply, 345yds/112g fingering weight, short-forward draw, lightly fulled to finish. i'm planning to knit a pair of stockinette socks.
Crown Mountain Farms Jan Fiber Club
the reason i really enjoy fiber clubs is that it's fun to see how everyone spins the same fiber so differently. when i got my top in the mail, my initial thought was to try to keep the colors fairly distinct. i assumed that a 3ply or more would make a muddy mess. i opted for a 2ply because i'm really tired of chain-plying at the moment.

now that i see how nicely thing4string's 3ply came out, i'm more willing to try it for myself in the future.

i'm already looking forward to next month's finn.


  1. Fantastic yarn! Looking forward to seeing the socks.

    My initial thought was the same as yours: keep the colors together. But the colors didn't do much for me as they were, I figured there was nothing to be lost in doing my standard 3 ply.

  2. Man that club is very tempting. I'd sign up for the later month's myself though--something I'd forget about having done until those months rolled around!

    I like the way your colors turned out!

  3. The roving isn't all that exciting to me, but the your handspun! I'm constantly amazed by the transformation of spinning. I love the linked 3-ply as well. Spinning is something I'm dying to do more of this year. I've only spun for a few hours total, but it is really addictive.

  4. I bookmarked their page. Such pretty roving! I'm on a yarn diet, but that doesn't include fiber. And you're right, different people spin up the same fiber so differently, just seeing everybody's work is fascinating.



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