Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a nice surprise

I cannot say enough good things about the crown mountain farms fiber club. the february shipment was on my doorstep yesterday.
Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club February
4oz of finn in Eire. i'm really happy that i picked my own colorway. i saw a spoiler for the surprise colorway and again, it's not really my taste. there's still a nice element of surprise for me because i've already forgotten what colors i picked for the upcoming months, and i can be sure to receive something i really like.
Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club February
i love these greens. right now i'm thinking 3ply or cabled sock yarn for Spicy socks. i've never spun finn before. it's not quite as soft as the falkland but more springy. i'm still spinning the allspunup wensleydale right now but i can't wait to finish so i can start this one.


  1. Woah! February already? Dang! I keep waffling on joining...

    Can't wait to hear how the Finn spins, I have some undyed Finn from CMF in my stash.

  2. Yes - I was REAL glad I picked my own color for Finn too! I have a few "surprises", but this was not one of them.



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