Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nan, you're a window shopper

Giant Granny
C'est Fini!
Giant Granny
Pattern: just a basic granny square, embiggened
Hook: F
Started: January 8, Finished: January 16
Size: 60" square
Yarns included but not limited to:
handspun mt colors targhee
sanguine gryphon gaia (i think)
shepherd's baby wool 4ply
sanguine gryphon skinny bugga
sunshine yarns sock
valley yarns franklin
knitpicks essential
handspun suri alpaca
briggs and little durasport
knitpicks palette
mystery handspun
miss babs yummy toes
fearless fibers merino sock
delly's delight alpaca
mystery handspun alpaca
handspun colonial
handspun llama
handspun romney
Giant Granny Edging
i finished with a simple shell edging. i did end up breaking into some full skeins by the end, but i had no idea what else to do with them, so it was ok. i used up a lot of leftovers, but sadly i still have a lot of leftovers. i guess i'll have to make another blanket.


  1. That is seriously fantastic. Now I want one! Time to bust out the crochet hooks! And, er, figure out how to hook a granny square.

  2. It's colorful, it's beautiful! You were so fast!I'm crocheting mine with a "I" hook, and I'm sure I've got more rows than you, and it's still not 60". I like that you used handspun, although I could not tell. Have you thought about a rectangle one? Or the hexagons made with granny stitch? Good thing you've still got some left overs! :o)

  3. Beautiful! I love the close-up shot. the colors are so pretty!

  4. It's beautiful. And I bet it was really fun, too.

  5. So pretty! I love that you used a lot of lighter weight yarns for this. I am looking for a sock yarn leftover stash buster myself. I"m thinking mitered garter stitch squares. We'll see.

  6. Oh wow. I think I'm jealous of your leftover stash!

  7. This is the most awesome stash (or, rather, leftover) buster ever! It's so colorful, it makes me smile just to look at it.

  8. Very, very pretty. I love it! I also love your stripy sweater :)



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