Friday, January 22, 2010

musings on color

Blue is probably my favorite color, but for some reason i used to hate royal blue. i love navy blue and baby blue and cadet blue, and many other shades of blue, but i had a strong negative reaction to the intensity of pure RGB-kinda blue.

but recently i'm finding myself drawn to the strength and boldness of the color. MadelineTosh has a lot of gorgeous saturated shades, but this one just spoke to me. it's 2 skeins of Prairie in Lapis. It just glows. my photo doesn't do it justice. Prairie is kind of like malabrigo lace, but shinier, less fuzzy, and a smidgen less soft. it's very representative of superwash vs non-superwash merino, if that paints a better picture. i have a plan for this.
MadelineTosh Prairie
and then there is red. bold, fresh blood red. i love this color more than is reasonable. i keep trying to find this perfect shade in clothes, lipsticks, yarns, shoes, and i'm sure that i'll keep trying in the future.
Malabrigo Sock
this is malabrigo sock in ravelry red. (what's with the rav reference? isn't rav's colors mint green and pink?) this color is very similar to my first and more favored skein of skinny bugga in tomato frog. it was an impulse buy--i won't lie. i have no plan for this, but i'm sure i'll find something i love.


  1. I always loved this shade of blue, but can't stand navy blue.

  2. Not to be the cynic that I am or anything but...
    they probably can't sell as much pink and mint green as this beautiful red, even with the Rav name on it.
    Both beautiful yarns.

  3. Hm, weird. I'd say it's too "red" to be that place's red. You're right a little more pinkish would be true.

    I love that blue!

  4. That blue is amazing. Love it!



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