Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Leyburn Approximation

i forgot to mention that one of the things i learned last year was how to darn socks. i learned this technique because Spicy has worn through several pairs of handknit socks. I was about the wag the finger and scold him for being so hard on his socks, but then it occurred to me that he doesn't have 3 weeks worth of pairs to wear like i do. So one of my goals for 2010 is to knit him one pair of socks a month--a totally achievable goal and it should go a long way towards eliminating the need to perform sock surgery all the time.
Pattern: Leyburn from Mintyfresh
Yarn: the sanguine gryphon bugga, nebraska conehead
Needles: #1 knitpicks options
Started: December 23, Finished: January 18
awhile back, i asked for pattern and yarn suggestions, and then i never talked about it again. whoops. i went with the leyburns because they seemed the most boring unfancy.

i modified them because bugga is a bit thicker than most sock yarns and the pattern as written would have been too baggy. i made the back of the leg 2x2 ribbing to make it nice and snug. i like the socks but it took me awhile to finish them because i got a little tired of it after sock #1.

i've discovered that i don't love bugga for socks. the aforementioned teensy bit of extra thickness means that the yarn won't match up well with a lot of patterns. the yarn seems dense and it doesn't have as much give as skinny bugga. i can also foresee these becoming super fuzzy in a short period of time. i actually think bugga is a better match for lace, as the yarn has beautiful drape, and of course, it's very soft.

but spicy loves these socks and i had a hard time getting them back from him to wash and photograph them. One down, 11 to go!


  1. You have all my admiration! one pair of socks per month... ouf!

  2. That is a fantastic shade of green. And I dig the ribbing on the back instead of the pattern all the way around. It looks nice.

  3. Of course, being green, I love them! I too like to knit some of my socks with ribbing in the back, espcially if I only knit stockinette for the rest of the socks.

  4. That's a clever mod to the pattern because I made a pair of these and they are definitely baggy around the ankle area. If I make leyburns again (and I might, I really like the looks of them) I think I'll do that as well.

  5. Very nice sock mod there. I appreciate your comments about Bugga vs. Skinny Bugga, and I agree completely.



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