Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hellooooo Nurse!

i caught a Hello Yarn update and got a few fibers to try.
Hello Yarn Merino
4oz Merino in Briny
Hello Yarn Superwash BFL
4oz Superwash BFL in Cattails

i really like how she uses so many colors in her tops. they both look fun to spin. for the merino i'm planning to spin a thicker 2-ply yarn. i might try a fractal spun yarn since the top is so thick.

for the BFL i plan to do a 3ply sock yarn.

i'm working on 2oz of superwash merino from CMF that i had leftover from many moons ago. i finished the singles and all that's left is the plying.


  1. When I took watercolor in HS they stressed to us how important it was to leave white to make the painting pop. I think the same thing applies with this roving!



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