Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fun with Felting

the last of my family's xmas gifts arrived at their destinations so i can show what i made.
House Slippers Post-feltHouse Slippers Bottoms
Pattern: House Slippers from knit2together
Yarn: Lionbrand Fishermen's Wool
Needles: #15 denise circs
Size: Men's 14
Started and Finished: December 18

i modified the pattern to make them larger by adding a few stitches to the soles to widen them and adding rows to make them longer. these were ridiculously easy and fast to make. i ran them through one wash cycle and they still have a lot of stitch definition, but it looks comparable to the photos in the book.

this could definitely be my go-to last minute gift pattern. if i were to do it again i'd probably continue to mod them to make them a bit larger and felt them in more wash cycles to make them sturdier.

i used fiber-lok rug backing to make the bottoms of all the slippers non-skid. i painted on 2 thin coats. if i'd had more time, i might've done 3.
Felted Clogs post-felting
Pattern: Felted Clogs by Fibertrends
Yarn: Lionbrand Fishermen's Wool
Needles: #13 denise circs
Size: Men's M
Started: December 17, Finished: December 18

i finally got around to making these, and now i am all kinds of impressed with the ingeniousness of the pattern. Kay had very kindly sent me the pattern quite awhile back. this was the pair i was working on when my denise cord snapped, which was not so fun. i ran this through 3 wash cycles and they are very sturdy and warm. i was so happy with the outcome that i decided to make myself a pair as well when the gift-knitting was done.
Dyed Lionbrand Fisherman's WoolDyed Lionbrand Fisherman's Wool
i skeined some fishermen's wool and dyed it with acid dyes. i manhandled the yarn quite a bit because i wanted solid colors. the yarn came out of the dyebath looking pretty sad. i don't know that i would use this yarn for anything other than felting. it does felt beautifully and takes dye well, and it's cheap, so i could see this becoming my go-to felting wool.
Felted Clogs
my clogs are the women's S. i am ultra proud that i gauged the yardage pretty well--there's just a teensy bit leftover of both colors. i haven't felted them yet, but i'm hoping to soon, because my feet are really cold and i could use a pair of warm slippers.

for this pair i used the knitpicks zephyr needles i just ordered. they worked much better than the denise circs. i think i can finally retire the denise needles. my hands still got fatigued working with the bulky needles but not until the very end of the second clog. i don't think i'll use the larger sizes much but it's nice to have them on hand.


  1. Great idea to make them non-skid! I wear my Felted Clogs ALL the time. But I like to slide across our hardwood floors, so no non-skid stuff for these. ;)

  2. Cool. Glad you like them. I made my husband a pair either late 2008 or early 2009, and he wears the heck out of them. :)

  3.  very cool slippers. its looks very funny. I glad to see it. 



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