Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AllSpunUp: Wensleydale

Jan/Feb AllSpunUp Spinalong
i should've spent more time with my pictures. the beautiful warm colors are more accurate in the fiber than the yarn photos.
Allspunup Jan/Feb spinalong
AllSpunUp Jan/Feb Spinalong Wensleydale in Blaze
778yds/115g laceweight singles
spun short-forward draw, soaked and thwacked to finish
Allspunup Jan/Feb spinalong
this experience was muuuuuuch better than the green wensleydale. i upped the ratio one groove and made sure i had enough twist in the single before winding on. the fiber was easy to draft and had very few floofy bits to remove (yes, floofy is a technical term). the yarn didn't break eleventy billion times so i didn't lose as much yardage when i was skeining it. and i skipped felting and just soaked it to finish. i can't remember if the yard bled, but the fact that i can't recall is a good sign.

the only minus for me was the fiber had a citrus-y odor that gave me a bit of a headache but it washes out easily enough.

spinning wensleydale has been a great experience and a nice departure from the typical merino, etc. it remains to be seen if the yarn will knit up into something that i can stand to wear. one of the CMF fiber club months is wensleydale so next time i might try plying it.

thank you everyone for your nice comments on the sweater and the blanket. i really appreciate it! i can only wander around the house so many times asking spicy if he likes my new sweater before he gets tired of it, so it's nice to have outside validation. :-)


  1. LOL!
    This is a wonderful colorway. The singles look good. Looking forward to see what you are going to make with it.

  2. Gorgeous. I love Wensleydale. Perfect fiber to make singles. What a shawl this would make!

  3. I am constantly in awe of all of the things you manage to finish in such a short amount of time, and, as a mostly product driven knitter, slightly jealous. ;-)

  4. That's pretty! And I'm glad the Wensleydale before was a fluke!



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