Tuesday, December 08, 2009

too tired to think of a post title

Bezzie, my plan is to use up all the yarn before it ever needs dusting. i'm sure this plan will work. either that, or mumble, mumble--something about a shop vac. how would one go about dusting yarn anyway?
Braided Riding Jacket
i've been working on the braided riding jacket off and on. i've finished row 46 of the peplum. this photo is much more color accurate than the last one was.

i bought some fiber in a rav destash. my love for all things red is showing again.
merino/silk top
mystery merino/silk top, 7.7oz.
4oz squoosh batt
4oz squoosh batts in rosewood, merino/alpaca/silk
4oz squoosh silk
3.9oz squoosh pure silk top in thunderhead.

i have a lot of holiday items to finish, so i don't know when i'll get some quality spinning time. hopefully sooner rather than later.


  1. Oh, those Squoosh batts!! Gorgeous.

  2. Your jacket looks gorgeous in that yarn/color. I'm really loving it. Nice fiber enhancement!

  3. I am seriously coveting that first fiber. Wow!

    The jacket is gorgeous, and your picture really shows the color variance! Love it.

  4. Oh god, that fiber is amazing!

    And your dedication to peplums! I just like saying that: peplum.



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