Monday, December 07, 2009

putting things in place

End of May Mittens
i finished the right outer mitten of the end of may mittens. i'm still loving the pattern, though the stockinette lining always seems to take forever in comparison with the colorwork portion.
Yarn shelf
i am finally getting around to organizing my craft room. i moved all of my full skeins to this ikea shelf. the leftovers are still in the closet, organized by color. this shelf is roughly organized by weight. i'll probably shift things around 2-3 more times before i'm happy. right now i'm working on fiber and then i'll move onto fabric. i set my desk up too so hopefully i'll be able to start sewing again before too long.


  1. I love your color choice for these mittens and the hat. Wow, great shelves!

  2. Your yarn organization is inspiring! I need to do that, and for fabric as well. I have yet to succumb to fiber or a wheel, but someday, someday...

  3. Nice mitten!

    Now I like the shelves, but do you have to dust the yarn? Cuz that would never happen at my house!



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