Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pretty Yarn Day & Decision Time

i got just a little bit sad when i traded away my skein of skinny bugga in nebraska conehead. although it wasn't what i was looking for at that particular moment in time, i realized that it would have been perfect put to a slightly different purpose. and since it's a fall colorway that was set to be retired for the season, i bought another skein, in bugga this time.
Nebraska Conehead
Oak Timberworm
Bugga stash
here's my bugga stash altogether. i like to look at it b/c it's purty.
Oak Timberworm, Karner Blue, Blue Lobster, Nebraska Conehead, Acrobatic Snail
Bugga stash
i've knit 2 projects now out of skinny bugga, but i have yet to use any of these skeins. once i finish the sweater of doom i'll be casting on for a pair of socks for spicy.

I'm going to use either Oak Timberworm, Karner Blue, or Nebraska Conehead. I can't decide if I should make the Mad Color Weave, Leyburn, or Shur'tugal socks. any suggestions?


  1. I think I'd make Leyburns with the brown variegate. The stitches would show off the color variations beautifully.

  2. I vote Shurtugal. Leyburn is overdone and the other one didn't do it for me. They'd all look good in any of those patterns though!



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