Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pretty Purples

Colorways Club November
i got the november colorways batt. i love the purples. i didn't work on the blanket as much as i wanted to over the holiday, mostly because i forgot that the whole point of working on 2 squares a month was so that i didn't have to do it all at once. i finished only one august square, 7 more to go. i think i'll hold off on spinning this batt until i get caught up.

i keep getting distracted by shiny new things. i picked up winter IK at the grocery store. there are quite a few things that i really like in this issue. i'm going to make Lacy Ribbons at some point. i also liked icelandic star, the aquitaine pullover, and a few others as well.
Braided Riding Jacket
i cast-on for the braided riding jacket because i had a bunch of cascade 220 in my stash, and i have a secret affinity for bobbles (don't tell anyone, m-kay?) my only anti-bobble beef is when they center one right over the nipple area. this happens more often than you might think. i believe this sweater thankfully escapes that particular pet-peeve, so i should be in the clear.

this is a really fun pattern to knit. it's somewhat challenging but mostly because you have to keep flipping back and forth between pages for the different charts. i understand the space limitations but it is a little annoying. speaking of which, i actually don't mind the layout change, except that i wish they started each new pattern on a separate page instead of lumping them together one right after another. it seems a bit awkward to me, and it's hard to find the pattern you're searching for.

the color in the photo is really off thanks to lack of daylight. i'm using cascade 220 heathers and the subtle color variation is really pretty. i can't decide what kind of buttons to order. right now i'm debating between iridescent shell buttons and brown wood or coconut.


  1. That fiber is gorgeous! Love that purpley goodness.

  2. You can get me with the purples every time. ;)

    The best use of bobbles I've ever seen was on a sweater in an old 40s movie. The bobbles were placed in a row, creating two parralell lines from wrist, up the arm and along the shoulder to the neck of the pullover.

  3. Love the fleece pictures a few posts down (I'm a bit behind in blog reading!)A gorgeous bobbly sweater!

  4. The fiber is stunning. And I love the beginning of the jacket! Like you, I have a secret "thing" for bobbles -- I don't care if other people say they look like dingleberries. They're only bad when they are placed in... anatomically interesting places.

  5. Love the color of you riding jacket, just checked out the pattern and i'm thinking of knitting one too!



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