Wednesday, December 09, 2009

coworker mittens, pt. 2

i'm backlogged on showing FOs again.
Bella's Mittens
Pattern: Bella's Mittens (for our purposes, we are pretending that twilight doesn't exist. hey remember the baseball scene? that was terrible. yes, i watched the movie. spicy got it from the library. i refuse to read the books however. i ain't go no book learnin'.)
Needles: #8 knitpicks harmonies
Yarn: Handspun chunky singles from this Spinner's Hill batt (though it was called a batt at the lys, i would call it more of a cloud)
Started: November 22, Finished: November 27
Bella's Mittens
i added one cable repeat before the decreases, as the mittens were too short otherwise. if i were to do it again, i'd go up a needle size. the mittens did relax a bit in the wash, but they are still really snug. fortunately the recipient has very skinny arms.
Bella Mittens
i kind of like the longer length. i was tempted to wear them this morning, as we got our first real snow, but i reminded myself that they are for someone else. plus i have my own ultra-warm mittens in progress that i just need to finish.

my handspun has definitely improved since the babe days. it was kind of fun to go back and work with older yarn just to see how far i've come. the overtwistiness works fairly well with these mittens, and they should hold up nicely.


  1. Those are very pretty! I like that pattern in the red. I'm sure your coworker will love them!

  2. Coworker? where did I get that?! sorry, sometimes my brain makes things up. LOL! I'm sure the RECIPIENT will love them!

  3. lol. I'm so with you on pretending that whole Twilight connection isn't there. Dear God, was that a HORRIBLE movie. And I wanted to like the series so bad. Alas, no. It's AWFUL. I love the mitts, though!

  4. They look so cozy!

  5. Oooh! I like these in the handspun. Gorgeous!

  6. Lucky coworker!!

    I'm with you on the spinning--I've been knitting coffee cozies with my newbie yarn--yikes!

  7. I"m knitting them right now for my Twilight loving daughter. Using Valley Yarn Bulky on size 8 needles....killing my hands!
    Yours are beautiful with handspun!

  8. The mittens look very cush and cozy! And dude, the baseball scene was actually one of the *better* parts of the movie. The rest, pure comedy!



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