Friday, December 04, 2009

Beginning of December hat

End of May Hat
i finished the colorwork portion of End of May and am now working on the lining. i began with a provisional cast-on with the lining yarn and knit a couple of inches before switching to the classy/madtosh. i added the braid from the inga hat (which is also on my list to make someday) plus 2 rows of classy before starting the chart. i knit the smaller size and the shorter version. it fits perfectly.

i like the way the braid looks but it was a pain in the ass to knit. it drove me crazy having to untangle the yarns every few stitches. i know that i could have just dealt with it and it would untangle on the next row but i'm too anal to let the two strands twist together for that long.

the colorwork was so fun that i finished it really quickly and now the stockinette lining seems to be taking forever. i unzipped the provisional cast-on and am now working the lining to match the outer hat. i did it this way so that i could have a nice turning edge and also make sure that the lining fits well inside the outer hat.


  1. Love this hat - just went and queued the hat and mittens - thanks!

  2. PITA or not--it's gorgeous!



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