Wednesday, November 25, 2009

whipping out the jazz hands

Mitered Mittens from knitter's almanac
Pattern: Mitered Mittens from Knitter's Almanac
Needles: #5 knitpicks harmonies
Yarns: Blingtastic and Red Heart handspun
Started: November 21, Finished: November 22
Mods: 7 round garter stitch cuff, subbed thumb gusset for afterthought thumb
Mitered Mittens from knitter's almanac
Quirks: the two yarns were not close to the same weight. i alternated 4 rows of purple with 2 rows of pink. the purple yarn also got thicker as i went, so the second mitten is significantly different than the first. i had to go strictly by measuring to verify that the mittens would be the same size. if i knit the same number of rows they would have been drastically different.

these will be for a coworker. she wears a fun fur scarf to work so i'm thinking she'll enjoy the sparkles.
Hill Country Hat
this little mushroom is the Hill Country Hat (pdf in sidebar) from the knitter's book of wool. i'm using plymouth suri merino in beige and #8 knitpicks options. i added 2 increase rounds b/c i'm using worsted instead of bulky yarn.

i like the pattern so far. it's easy but looks classic and has great texture. i think my brother will like it.


  1. wow! Didn't you just spin those yarns? Girl, you're fast. Beautiful work.

  2. Jazz hands!

    Awesome mitts. Love the stripes. And I also love any excuse to do jazz hands. Dorky, yet ever so much fun.



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