Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unpretty Yarn Day: Handspun Edition

i decided to use my red heart batt to try corespinning. i used red cotton crochet thread for the core. i found it fairly difficult b/c it worked best for me if i treadled verrrry sloooowly. if my feet started to pick up speed, even a little, it just became a horrible mess. i had more fun carding the batt than i did spinning the yarn. i'm not sorry that i tried something new but i don't know that i'll become a big artyarn aficionado in the future b/c i just can't see myself using novelty yarn all that much. i may try it again for fun if i have the right prep.
Corespun yarn
anyway, the contents are cotton crochet thread and romney locks, firestar, bamboo, and sari silk threads. 72yds/40g, worsted weight. i think i'm going to pair this with my blingtastic skein to knit a pair of mitered mittens.

Scrap skein
on friday, i collected all of my leftover singles and plied them together as a 3ply skein. well, at least most of them. there's a few more leftovers. 367yds/155g, fingering to worsted weight. contents include but aren't limited to: CVM, BFL, domestic wool, alpaca, romney, bamboo, silk, camel/silk, superwash merino, suri alpaca, etc. i'm calling it my S[Crap] skein since it's kind of ugly. evidently i've spun a lot of blue and green skeins in my spinning career. no idea what to do with it, as per usual lately.


  1. The RHB has an interesting electric glow to it...kind of that winter-lamp light look.

    I like your idea for spinning up extras. I've got tons of little extras lying around...

  2. I think the corespun yarn looks beautiful.



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