Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Morning Handspun

Merino Silk Singles
this merino/tussah silk yarn took forever and a day to dry. it's 80/20 singles, spun longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish. fiber is from cloverleaf farms, 486yds/119g. it's thick n thin, about a dk weight.

in the past i've had a hard time spinning silk and silk blends, but this one was very easy to draft. there were a few floofy silk bits that needed to be picked out once in awhile but mostly it was smooth to spin. i'm thinking about making some winter accessories with this--at least a hat and maybe something else, depending on how far i can get with the yardage.
3ply Romney
i spun up my drumcarded romney batts. 194yds/100g, 3ply, about dk weight, spun longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish. there were a lot of neps that i had to pull out while spinning so the yarn is pretty uneven. i didn't get the yardage or the weight i was going for. i do like the tweedy look of the yarn. no idea what to do with this one. maybe some slippers for winter.


  1. I am currently enchanted while looking beautiful handspun and your blog is a great place to do that!

  2. they both look great! I'm in awe of the merino/tussah silk -- I've had some problems with silk blends myself, so much that I pick it up and try, then give up and pick up something else. heh.

  3. Very pretty. I especially like the tweedy yarn :)

  4. I really like the mottling on the merino/silk.



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