Wednesday, November 04, 2009


i started eunice for november's sock innovation kal. i'm using noro kureyon sock that i bought from a destash and my #1 knitpicks options.

i wasn't feeling the love for the ultra-short cuff, so i've completed 3 leg repeats. i haven't made up my mind yet whether i should knit a fourth. the cuff is a little over 5 inches right now. it's very snug, even at 80 stitches, so i can see why it was designed to be so short but i don't think i'd ever wear them unless they cover at least part of my legs.
Paradise Fibers
i ordered some more blending fiber from Paradise Fibers. clockwise from the top left, i got
4oz firestar
8oz tussah silk
4oz bamboo
4oz tencel

i don't know how i feel about the firestar. it's really plasticky feeling. the bamboo is slightly softer and has more drape than the tencel. it feels a bit stiff compared with the bamboo.

i've read that firestar dyes well, and i plan to dye the silk also. i don't have reactive dyes so the other two will be blended in their natural states.
Sunset Fibers Club
i got my last sunset fibers club shipment. this is my favorite colorway of the three. sadly i haven't spun up any of the bumps i've received from them, so i won't renew my membership until i actually decide if i like it. i'm thinking this one would be a really pretty chain-plied stripey sock yarn. of course, i thought that about the other two shipments as well.


  1. I don't care what people say--I love the noro kureyon sock. I love the pattern you have paired with it.

    I'll bet that firestar takes forever to go the angelina.

  2. That Sunset Fibers is sooooo puuuurrrty.

    What the heck is firestar?



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