Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mini Book Reviews

i placed an order at because they're doing $1 shipping for the holidays. i needed a few things and i wanted to buy Spicy the Youngblood DVD.

i had asked him for gift ideas, and he told me he wanted this hockey movie, Youngblood. he described the plot and when i said it didn't sound very good, he said (and this is a direct quote), "It has Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. How can it not be good?" so i had to get it for him. i'll probably give it to him on thanksgiving, as that will be our 3rd anniversary.

anyway, while i was browsing, i ordered a few craft books. i may write up some more in-depth reviews later, but these are my initial thoughts.
Books from
Sweet Nothings: Handmade Camis, Undies & Other Unmentionables: I probably should've gotten this from the library first, but i was a bit embarrassed to put in a request through interlibrary loan for a book about making your own underwear. i've been interested in making my own underwear for awhile. because i'm so short, i have fit issues with everything, including my undies. i also wear camis/tanks year round for layering, so it would be nice to be able to make those as well. from a quick glance through, i'm disappointed. a lot of the book concentrates on converting vintage pieces. which is nice and all, but if you don't have a ton of vintage slips just lying around, you can't easily convert them into bras. the book is very limited on illustrations and the photographs are not very good. there is often only one shot of the project and it's difficult to tell what the project actually is. the model might be wearing a two-piece outfit but the pattern is only for the bottoms. one of the biggest disappointments for me was a tank top/boyshort set. i was glad to see the tank until i realized that you were supposed to buy a ready made tank and the project was for sewing a heart applique to the front. woo. there were a few things i was interested in and some of the nighties could be converted to summer dresses (I think). i haven't really looked closely enough to tell for certain, but for now consider me underwhelmed.

The Knitter's Book of Wool: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Using, and Loving this Most Fabulous Fiber: This book was everything i thought it would be. i'm only up to chapter three, but i'm finding it as interesting and informative as her first book. so far, i haven't really learned anything new, but it's wonderful to have a reference book that is so thoroughly researched and fun to read. i think that the patterns might even be better than the ones in the book of yarn. i really love the entire section on shawls. I adore Evelyn Clark's Prairie Rose Lace Shawl (rav) i will definitely make it at some point. there are also a lot of small projects that i am seriously considering as holiday gifts.

Twinkle Sews: 25 Handmade Fashions from the Runway to Your Wardrobe: i'm giving this one a tentatively positive review. i really like a lot of the designs. the modeled clothes look a bit out there because of the styling, but there are also shots of just the garments laid flat, and those are the pics that make me believe that i could wear these clothes. my favorite is the skirt section. i would make all of the skirts except for one. the designs have a lot of really nice details that make them special. there are also tips sprinkled throughout on how to modify the designs. the instructional section seems pretty detailed. however, i won't know until i actually try to make something if the book helps me to produce wearable clothing or if it is just eye-candy.


  1. I've wondering about the Book of Wool. Thanks for the mini-review.
    I used to sew my own underwear way back in the seventies. I think still have those vintage patterns. I've never made a bra though, I didn't wear one back then. I made all my bikinis too.
    I'll look around to see if I can find those patterns.

  2. Great review. The only one I'd probably ever buy is the BoW. Good to know it wouldn't be a waste of $!

  3. Boys and their crappy movies. Next time we move, I'm hoping Hudson Hawk and North Shore "accidentally" get lost.

    Then again, I thought Down Periscope and Tommy Boy were really funny, so I guess I shouldn't say anything! ;)



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