Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Batt Time: Red Heart Edition

this weekend, i decided to try making an art batt. i used red romney locks, red and purple sari silk threads, bamboo, and firestar.

i carded 2 thin batts and then ran them through a second time to make this batt. it's 1.1oz. i'm calling it "Red Heart" due to presence of baby-melting sparkly nylon (and rayon derived from bamboo)
Red Heart Batt
i tried a new-to-me spinning technique. that skein is drying now, but i had a little bit leftover. spicy made me this supported spindle out of a chopstick and a drawer pull. i asked him to make the end pointy (i may have said the word "sharp" but that wasn't what i meant), and i could probably injure someone with the point. i've already poked myself a time or two and it hurts.
Supported spindle
i picked a horrible fiber to practice with, but it's what i had on hand. i'm hoping to spin with it a few minutes a day to get the hang of it. it's not a bad spindle for $1.


  1. Nice spindle-on-the-fly! Very creative! Bezzie would be proud. ;)

    Maybe you could file down the tip so it's not as sharp?

  2. I love the red heart sparkle. Hee :) Sparkle is my friend.

  3. Ha ha I like! Both the baby searing batt and the spindle. It reminds me of those supported spindles...what are they called? Tahkis?

  4. You are getting seriously creative with fiber!!
    VERY COOL chopstick spindle!



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