Monday, November 23, 2009

i still knit on occasion

but first, some batts.
More Batts
i'm having so much fun trying different blends on my carder. this is 3oz of corriedale lamb fleece from whitefish bay, dyed romney locks, and dyed tussah silk. the silk was a jumbled mess after i dyed it. if i wanted to keep it as top, i would do the plastic wrap and steam method instead of kettle dyeing. the lamb fleece is soft but it's so short that it doesn't want to blend well with other fibers. i've learned to accept an uneven yarn when spinning it up.

i've already spun these batts as a 2ply yarn. it's drying now, along with a pair of finished mittens.

i've decided this year that the coworkers are all getting mittens. i'm using the bella's mittens pattern despite my hatred of twilight. it's a cute pair of mittens and looks like the kind of thing that young people would like (though i fully admit that i'm out of touch with youth culture at this point). i'm using some early handspun from the babe days. it's super overtwisty and dense, but to an extent that is an advantage in mittens. they should wear pretty well despite being singles.
Bella Mittens


  1. I like your batts. The hint of blue is lovely.

  2. Beautiful batts!

    I like those mittens too--but they need ribbed cuffs or they're just for decoration. Real mittens have to have cuffs so the snow doesn't get in!

  3. Hey Knottygnome,

    I just thought I'd pass along some pattern advice, as I'm almost finished with my 2nd bella mitten.

    I found these mittens to be extremely small, even on my tiny hands. Just the mitten cap though, above the thumb gusset - I had to add 4 stitches in width and 4 rows in length.

    Happy knitting!



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