Friday, October 23, 2009


As much as I liked the skein of Nebraska Conehead, I didn't love it. So i traded it to another raveler for a skein of wollmeise 100% in Grashupfer.
Wollmeise 100%
this is more like it. i want to paint my craft room this exact shade of green.
Wollmeise 100%
i'm not quite sure what i'll do with it yet, because i kind of want to make everything with it. i'll let it stew for awhile.


  1. What a gorgeous color!

  2. I love this color, too! gorgeous.

    I considered it for MY craft room/office but it was a little dark for my house. I will be so excited for you if it works for your craft room!

  3. Well, you're a lost woman now. A WM ho is born. ;-) That's a great green.



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