Thursday, October 29, 2009

odds n ends

Arrows sock #2
it occurs to me that the arrows sock mashup doesn't look much different than it did last time, but i assure you that this is sock #2. i should still be able to finish before the month is over. i like patterns with long row repeats b/c somehow it feels like you are making faster progress than if you were repeating the same row or two over and over.
Sari Silk Thrums and Silver Angelina
i bought some blending fiber from dollmakers ink. i got 1/2oz of silver angelina. they have a bajillion different kinds and colors of sparkly stuff and i had a hard time narrowing it down. i only got one color b/c i want to try it first and make up my mind whether i even like sparkly stuff. though who am i kidding? shiny = good. i'm ashamed to admit i used to have an entire makeup bag full of glittery stuff, back in the day before i got too lazy to wear makeup.

the other stuff is 8oz of sari silk thrums. i'm happy that i got a lot of red, because i heart red. the only color i'm not thrilled with is the maroon. maroon/burgundy are amongst the only colors that i really don't like. but maybe i can blend it with brown or something and it won't look so maroon-ish. the top two are kind of a tangled mess, but i have a feeling that i'll have to embrace the mess to use this stuff. it's not going to blend smoothly like regular silk fiber.


  1. Just came across your blog via Ravelry. You do beautiful work! I might go and buy some of your patterns. Love your pictures and spinning. BTW, when will your e-book be available? I might be able to wait--lol!

  2. I do like burgundy, but it has to be just right, more purple than brown. Maroon is an ugly word for browned down red. Red, real deep true red, is a joy to knit. If you're ever down, pick up and knit red. Seriously. Good luck with that silk. I've seen some dyed roving around that might make me change my mind about trying to spin. ;)

  3. Oh man! I can't wait to see what you come up with!



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