Thursday, October 22, 2009


so i can't believe i'm admitting this, but i really like the show Glee. i have a soft spot for cheesy musicals. i made spicy watch Dr. Horrible on DVD with me and he just kind of rolled his eyes but tolerated it. i don't normally see him on wednesdays but he came over to work on the house and he caught me watching the show. i kind of felt like i should punch my chest and yell, "Football, fuck yeah!" to get my street cred back, but i'm pretty sure it's too late.

i've been working on a pair of socks for my sister-in-law's xmas gift. i started out doing clandestine but there are times when i can't stand to knit twisted stitches and this is apparently one of those times. i ripped it out and started over. i'm using the Arrow stitch pattern from sensational knitted socks (rav link). i realized that i never use this book but i have no idea why. i am using wendy johnson's toe-up socks with a difference (pdf) as a base pattern.
here are the results. a mash-up of sorts. maybe not as serendipitous as The Thong Song + I Could've Danced All Night, but it's the best i could come up with.

the yarn is my hand-dyed valley yarns franklin in grape ape and i'm using #1.5 knitpicks harmonies.
i've just finished the heel turn on sock #1. i want to finish the pair before the end of october.

btw, the e-book is a collection of cabled accessories. i have two more ready to go but i'm pretty much limited to weekends as the only time i can get photos with natural light. the last thing is all worked out in my head and i just need to find time to actually make it. i'm aiming for early december to release the entire collection.

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  1. Where did you learn how to kettle dye with acid dyes? The grape is beautiful.



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