Thursday, October 01, 2009

*insert black scarf here*

i finally got the scarf version of Brennan back from Spicy to take a few pictures. Trying to get any detail from a black scarf is an exercise in futility, but i thought i would at least make an attempt. the boy wanted a plain scarf to go with his grey coat so that's what he got.
Brennan-the scarf
i used Delly's Delights O So Soft alpaca. it is pretty soft and a little fuzzy, and it has great drape. i finished this scarf almost a year ago--it's hard to remember any details.

i won't be adding these pics to the pattern download b/c it was hard enough squeezing all the info onto two pages, but I will add them to the pattern photos on Ravelry.
Brennan-the scarf

it's officially Socktoberfest, yay! the sock innovation kal is doing wanida (rav) and clandestine this month and i want to do them both. i also have 2 different sock pairs on the needles that i really need to finish. it's malabrigo october stockpile and i have a pattern i want to release using mal sock but first i have to wait for the yarn to arrive on my doorstep. i feel like my entire month is all planned out and it's only the first. we'll see how much i can actually get done before halloween.

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