Thursday, September 03, 2009

spinning some old stuff.

when i moved i threw out my coffee maker, because the "on" button had fallen out and in order to use it you had to program the timer to get it to turn on. i thought about buying another cheapie coffee maker but then i decided to go low-tech and i got a stovetop percolator. i've decided it's pretty much the best thing in the history of ever. i had the strongest cup of coffee this morning that i've had in ages and i actually feel awake for once. it's also relatively easy to clean and a fraction of the cost of an espresso machine. yayyyy coffee! [/end percolator advert]

50/50 camel/tussah silk
i felt like spinning last night so i got out my long-suffering bag of camel/tussah silk rolags. i decided to rethink my strategy and am spinning a 3ply long draw instead of 2ply short draw. switching in the middle is probably a bad idea, but whatever. it's really hard to photograph shiny yarn. i swear it looks much prettier than the photo.

i want to spin as much as i can now so that i'll have room for the new stash that will inevitably come home with me from the fiber festival that is a mere 3 weeks away.


  1. It looks pretty good in this pictures already! I love the smell of coffee, but my body can't deal with the real thing. So I sip tea.

  2. It's very pretty! Has that shine to it that only comes from silk. Mmmm, dreamy.

  3. That kind of coffee reminds me of camping. (I never drank it but dad did...)

    I think it looks good in the pictures too--very shiny!



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