Friday, September 11, 2009

Pretty Fiber Day: Colorways

Colorways August 2009
so thanks to a glitch in the paypal subscription system, my August Colorways fiber got delivered to my old apartment and only arrived at my house yesterday.
Colorways August 2009
i'm way behind anyway--i have yet to knit my lizard ridge squares for july.
Colorways August 2009
this one reminds me of sunflowers on a cloudless sunny day. i'm going to spin this batt a little differently than the others. i'll keep you posted on how it goes.

if i may be permitted a slight rant...
so i got my first water bill in the mail yesterday. i went online to pay it this morning and the city wants to charge me a $1 "convenience fee" for paying it online. this is total bullshit. paying online is a convenience for everyone--not just me, and i don't think i should be charged a fee for something that should be standard practice. therefore, i am going to mail them a check for $9, as stamps are still substantially less than a dollar. and i thought i had finally eliminated the need to write checks at all. bastards.


  1. The IRS charges like a $15 "convenience fee" to pay past due taxes when you're audited. Yeaaaah...thanks but no thanks.

    That fiber reminds me of the University of Michigan! Ha ha!

  2. Ugh, I hate fees like that! Our insurance company does the same thing. Let's see, I save you paper costs and manpower by opting out of paper statements and paying online, and for that I get rewarded with an additional fee? Capitalist bastards!

  3. It has nothing to do w/ being capitalist. It has everything to do w/ greed.

    And yes, that sucks to be charged for making THEIR life easier.



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