Thursday, September 24, 2009

FLFF: Bunnies!

Let me preface by saying that i did not buy a bunny. there were a few at the festival and i was tempted but--

A) they only had white ones with red eyes. the eyes freak me out--i'm scared of zombie bunnies killing me in my sleep
B) we're not really ready for more animals at this stage, since we can't even figure out how to integrate our four cats

but maybe someday.

i made good on my promise to make a beeline for Spunwoven Designs for more angora fiber.
2oz fawn english angora
i thought about picking up more Satin, but i decided that i should branch out. i bought 2oz of fawn English Angora. it's a buttery cream shade instead of the dazzling white of the satin.
4oz wool/angora
i also bought 4oz of wool/angora blend. i swear sometimes i get caught up in the wool fumes because it wasn't until after i got home that i thought to ask what kind of wool it is, which kind of angora it is, and what percentage is the fiber blend. i just plunged my hand into the bag, thought, "ooh soft! pretty heathery greys!" and plunked down the cash.

i don't think i'll regret it. even though i don't know with 100% precision if the fiber comes from unicorn-infused bunnies, it's wonderfully soft and such a pretty grey. i'm thinking it would make a warm cozy winter hat. maybe with cables.

1 comment:

  1. Ooo! Soft! I want to try angora again. My first experience with it was NOT a good one.



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