Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FLFF 2009: Winderwood Farm

Spicy and I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival on Saturday. The third consecutive year that i forgot my camera. oh well.

we're not attending rhinebeck this year, so i made sure to stock up on fiber to get me through the winter. we're talking about going to maryland sheep and wool next spring instead but plans aren't finalized.

this year i mostly just visited all of my old favorites. first up is winderwood farm.
2oz merino/cashmere
i bought 2oz of 50/50 cashmere/merino. this will be my first time spinning cashmere. after the camel experience, i thought it might be better to start with a blend. i might dye it, but the fiber is so huggably soft that it might be better to wait until after it's been spun.
4oz superwash merino/tencel
this is 4oz of 50/50 superwash merino/tencel. i had bought this fiber before in brown and loved it. i thought about dyeing this one too, but the silvery-grey is so pretty by itself.

both of these will probably eventually become laceweight yarns.


  1. Lovely fiber. I like the silvery one, looks very nobel, very precious.

  2. First, the fiber you spun for Spicy's socks is just beautiful :) I have some cashmere to spin. MOF i pulled it out to start spinning it this week. It is butter soft, and I am afraid I will screw it up. :/

    The silver gray fiber you have is purty too.

  3. Both are quite purrworthy. Yeah, not going to Rhinebeck this year--and probably not next year either. Already have a wedding to go to! Ha ha!

  4. Oh darn, I was sat next to Winderwood's tent spinning! I wish I knew you were there. I had a Ravelry pin on.

    Can't wait to tell the guys at Winderwood that they merited a blog post. That's so awesome. Let me know if you ever want to see the farm.



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