Thursday, September 10, 2009


naturally, now that i'm concentrating on several patterns that are cabled in various states of completion, all i want to do is non-cable projects and spin.
new project
here's a teensy glimpse of my side project.
3ply 50/50 camel/tussah silk
i finally finished the 3ply camel/tussah silk.
50/50 ratio, blended on handcards
476yds/97g light fingering weight
2plies spun longdraw, 1ply spun short-forward draw
soaked and hung to finish
3ply 50/50 camel/tussah silk
i resisted the urge to thwack this time. it was really hard. this blend was a bear to spin, but it got easier when i switched to longdraw. i was afraid to card too much for fear of ripping the delicate fibers, so i only did one pass on my handcards. the spinning was long stretches of silk followed by long stretches of camel. the camel wanted lots and lots of twist, the silk--not as much. if i really wanted to spin this combo again, i'd buy it pre-blended.

i originally planned to do a 2ply laceweight but the thought of plying that much yardage after the pink merino made me want to die inside.

no clue what to do with this. it'll sit pretty in the stash for awhile.

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