Monday, September 28, 2009

Clown Barf Mitts

it's getting colder outside and i still have no clue where all my winter things are, so i made myself a new pair of fingerless mitts.
Clown Barf Mitts
Yarn: crazy zauberball, less than half a skein
Needles: #4 knitpicks harmonies
No pattern, just stockinette with a thumb gusset
Started September 24, Finished September 26
Clown Barf Mitts
i tried to make this yarn be other things, but it wanted to be plain stockinette. the mitts are functional and i doubt i'll ever lose them. i should have knit the thumb before the fingers to make the color break less noticeable. if i did it again i would also knit 1-2 inches of 1x1 rib on the wrists to make it more snug in that area.
Stone Edge Fibers wool/alpaca
on friday, i dyed my stone edge fibers wool/alpaca. i want to spin for the multnomah shawl. i was aiming for a deep cobalt blue. this colorway reminds me of peacocks. it's a bit more subtle than i was going for, but i think it'll spin up nicely.
Sunset Fibers club 10/09
it's not even october yet and i already got my next installment of the sunset fibers club merino. i'm thinking this needs to be chain plied to preserve the colors.


  1. Clown barf is better than clown...the stuff that comes out the other end.

    Nice job on the mitts!

  2. Oh man love both the lumps of fiber! I like the mitts but I'm not so sure of that tweedy Zauer. hmmm...



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