Thursday, September 17, 2009

all the way from Australia

Southern Cross Fibre Polwarth
Over Labor Day weekend, I stumbled upon a Southern Cross Fibre update. i've been wanting to try polwarth for awhile. i wasn't fast enough to buy one of the handpainted tops, but i got this Coorong Polwarth Duet, 2oz of drumcarded batts and 2oz of handpainted top.

i couldn't resist, so i spun the batts as one ply last night and started on the top as the other ply. polwarth is as bouncy as they say--i could barely fit 2oz on my WW bobbin, when i can usually get about 3.5oz. the batts were super easy to spin longdraw. the top is more challenging and the singles aren't as even. i'm hoping to ply it tightly and get some nice bouncy sportweight-ish sock yarn to knit spicy a pair of socks.

the fiber really reminds me of the extra-fine corriedale fleece that i bought from whitefish bay. both are super crimpy and soft.


  1. Wow, that's beautiful! So fluffy and downy, it looks like a joy to spin.

  2. Ooo pretty! Looks like lichen!



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