Monday, August 10, 2009

A Shawl Emergency

so between all the cleaning and packing and cleaning and unpacking and leaving for Maine this week, I forgot that my mother's birthday will be when we're on vacation/moving.

i think i had once designated something to give her but i can't recall what it was. and whatever it was, it's currently packed and probably already at the new house. which leads us to...

Emergency Shawl to the Rescue!
Mom's Emergency Birthday Shawl
Pattern is Kiri (sidebar pdf link)
Yarn is my 2ply pink merino handspun
Needles are #6 knitpicks options

i've tried and failed to knit this pattern several times, and i think i know why. it's very easy to knit and memorize the pattern, but it gets boring after awhile. i'm on repeat #11, so only one more to go plus the edging. i'm hoping to finish it tonight and get it blocked and dry so i can mail it by wednesday before i leave. it's not super interesting to knit, but i really like the look of the interlocking leaf pattern. i wanted a fairly large shawl, so i'm forcing myself to do the recommended 12 repeats. if it were for me, i'd have given up probably 3 repeats ago.

my first skein of handspun was pretty overtwisted in spots, but the second skein is nice and soft. hopefully i'll learn to be more consistent with time.

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