Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sam i am

so i skipped Vilai for this month's sock innovation kal, because honestly it's the only pattern from the book that i don't really like. the completest in me wants to knit all 15 patterns, but i can always go back and knit them if i decide that i really need to.

it's been awhile since i've knit spicy a pair of socks. he's about worn out the alpaca socks i knit him last year. i wanted to make him another pair with alpaca, since it's one of his favorite fibers, but with a yarn that will last a little longer. i'm using my dyed knitpicks bare superwash merino/alpaca/nylon that i hand plied awhile back to make the yarn more durable.

i started out knitting the freshman cable socks from fall 2009 knitscene, but they were too small for a man. when i ripped them out i lost the will to keep knitting them, so i switched to Sam from Sock Innovation.
this pattern works up very slowly. the cable crosses are just frequent enough to be kind of annoying. i finished the specified 2 pattern repeats, but my cuff was less than 6 inches tall, so i'm knitting a third repeat. hopefully i'll be done with the cables soon and onto the plain stockinette foot. i do love how the yarn is knitting up with nice subtle variation. i think that spicy will like them. i will call them spicy's moving socks.

the problem with the cats is that for some reason, ellie doesn't recognize wyatt. she hisses and growls at him every time he comes near. poor wyatt hid under the couch for the first day or so because she kept bitchslapping him if he even looked at her the wrong way. now they can be in the same room but she still growls if he gets too close. it's really weird. especially since he is twice as big as she is.

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