Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pretty Yarn Day: Huggable Edition

the finger lakes fiber festival is about to roll around again, so i thought it was high time that i spun up some of the last of the fiber i bought last year.

i had purchased an ounce of angora just to try it out. i had heard that angora can be tricky to spin, so i kept it in my fiber stash until i felt ready to tackle it.
2ply handspun angora
2ply, 90yds/1oz sportweight 100% angora
spun longdraw, just grabbing handfuls of fiber and spinning using the highest ratio on my wheel
fulled to finish
2ply handspun angora
i tried to spin a laceweight at first, but i admit my skills aren't there yet. it was a little frustrating to spin, as it wanted to drift apart if i wasn't careful. i have some uneven floofy bits and the yarn does shed, but it is oh so huggable bunny soft. i'm in love.

for all the fuzzy halo, the fiber has a lovely sheen, and it's such a bright pure white. i think next time i would do a 3ply and card the fibers to get them to spin a little more evenly. i've already knit it into something special, and i can't wait to go back this year and buy a larger quantity.


  1. I'm very impressed! I tried angora before and um, yeah it was a frustrating mess!



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