Sunday, August 23, 2009

i'm back

well, we're in the new house. this is how the kitties feel about moving. they are both pretty freaked out but i think they'll be ok.
the trip was great. maine is so beautiful. i'd love to pack it all up and live there someday. i managed to get some yarn shopping in when we were in portland. i went to knitwit and bought some souvenir yarn.
Zauberball Crazy Stripes
Crazy Zauberball for socks
Cascade Eco Wool
2 skeins of gray cascade eco wool, perhaps for a cardi from the new fall IK
Cascade Alpaca Lace
and 2 skeins of cascade alpaca lace for another shawl (yes i am addicted)
Moda fabric, 2 yards
we also stopped by this quilt shop that was pretty close to the wedding site. i bought 2 yards of this moda fabric to make a skirt.

it was a lot of fun but the move has been exhausting and i'm pretty drained. i still need to clean my apartment and get a few more things out, but i'm very close now. i have to return to work tomorrow and i still have so much to do, so i'll leave on a nice relaxing vacation pic.
Lobster Buoy Campsite


  1. I've heard to put butter on their paws and they'll lick them and get a taste for their new surroundings. Of course then you've got greasy paw prints everywhere...haha!

  2. Congratulations on the lovely new pattern!

    Gorgeous kitties, yarn, and fabric.

  3. Congrats on the move! Dig that Moda fabric, very pretty!



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