Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i like the new knitscene

to de-stress from cleaning and packing, i've been spinning.
3ply Chunky CVM
this is 808yds/455g of 3ply chunky oatmeal CVM
spun longdraw from pin-drafted roving, fulled to finish
I plan to use this handspun to knit the Heather Hoodie Vest from Fall Knitscene 2009.
3ply Chunky CVM
spinning woolen with pin-drafted roving is a breeze. i love how much crimp CVM has. It should make perfect bouncy cables. the yarn isn't quite next to the skin soft, but I'd guess it's a bit softer than cascade 220. I might not have enough yarn, but I have about 6oz of roving leftover that I can use to spin up another skein if necessary.

i thought about dyeing the yarn, but all of my dyeing supplies are already packed, and i kind of like the natural shade.

i'm in love with 3ply chunky yarns now. they spin up so fast and the round squishiness makes me want to hug the yarn. i'm a bit concerned that the short-stapled fibers might pill, but it can't be any worse than the recommended Lamb's Pride Bulky.
Emerald Isle Cardigan
i'm also making the Emerald Isle Cardigan from Knitscene using my black malabrigo worsted. i needed something carefree to work on while i move.


  1. I love the Emerald Isle Cardigan - thank you for pointing it out.

  2. Interesting that your CVM is short stapled and not next to skin soft, is it a lamb fleece?

    My fleeces were all 4+ inch staple length this year and next to skin soft! If they combined some of the britch wool in with the blanket wool, that would explain the not so soft....

  3. I like the hoodie--well minus the hood. I agree, that handspun should look pretty darn good.

  4. Wow, you spun that? Very impressive!



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