Thursday, August 27, 2009


I despise that Beyonce song, so it is extremely unfortunate that it goes through my head whenever i see this cowl.
Bunny Cowl
Pattern: Luxe Neck Warmer from Knit2Together
Yarn: 90yds of 2ply handspun from satin angora fiber purchased at spunwoven
Needles: #10 denise circs
Started and Finished: August 25
Bunny Cowl
i made this cowl once before and i knew it would be the perfect pattern for my handspun. i knit until i was almost out of yarn, and my cowl is 7.5" tall. i haven't blocked it yet. the lace pattern is completely mindless but the results are so pretty. i'll never tire of good ol' feather and fan.

i've owned commercial angora sweaters before that were a bit prickly, but this cowl is absolutely the softest thing i've ever owned. there's no hint of itchiness. it does shed a bit, which is annoying but maybe after i wash it, it'll get better. and if it doesn't, i'll wear it anyway.

i am seriously thinking about getting a bunny of my very own. i own a house now--i can do stuff like that right?


  1. That is lovely. I bet it is very huggable :)

  2. Oooo, so fluffy and pretty! Wish I could wear angora. I'll just admire yours from afar. *sigh*



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