Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Yarn that Saved the Cat's Life

yesterday afternoon, i came home from work to an odd smell. i walked through the living room towards the kitchen to find a broken bottle formerly full of balsamic vinegar and a very innocent looking cat. it took me a good hour to mop up all of the spilled vinegar and glass. i still managed to cut my foot somehow, i got a couple of deep scratches on my arms and legs from trying to restrain the cat from playing in the vinegar/glass, and i stubbed my pinkie toe and broke a painful blister. it was not a fun afternoon.

Yarn Boutique trip
after dinner, spicy took me to yarn boutique for a little retail therapy. i picked up (clockwise, starting on the left) a skein of noro silk garden sock for my second blue harvest shawl, the fall issue of knitscene, 2 skeins of filatura di crosa tweedy cashmere (a gift from spicy), and a skein of kureyon sock.

it was a good trip. the cat was allowed to survive.

i like quite a few things in knitscene. i am thinking about making Melissa Wehrle's v-neck button-down cardigan out of my black malabrigo. i also love the short-sleeved chunky hoodie. i will soon be getting a bunch of pin-drafted roving in the mail, and i may spin for that one. i'll be using the tweedy cashmere for a spicy winter accessory. right now i'm thinking hat unless some brilliant idea comes to mind.


  1. Are both Noro yarns new colorways? I don't think I've seen them yet. Lucky cat BTW! :o)

  2. You know,I always think I won't like KnitScene, and then I find a ton of patterns to do out of it. So looks like I'll be headed to the store this week to get mine!

  3. Hahahahahahaha! Silly kitty! Vinegar is for grownups!



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