Tuesday, July 14, 2009

out on parole

Oak Ribbed Socks
i finished the first Groom sock ages ago, but the foot length was too short. nancy bush and i must get very different row gauges, because my toes always end up shorter than she indicates. i had to rip back and add another 1/2" to the foot and reknit the toe. the prospect of doing this was just too much to bear at that moment, so the lone sock sat imprisoned in my sock bag. in the meantime i made a shawl and 2 sweaters, and probably some other things that i've forgotten. but i finally did it last night and now i'm back on track. the wedding is approaching, so it's time to finish this pair.
Orphan Scarf
over the weekend, i made the easiest scarf in the history of ever.

Pattern: Orphan Scarf from Interweave Crochet Summer 2009
Yarn: 2ply handspun bamboo, about 2/3 of the skein
Started: July 12, Finished: July 12
Hooks: G and N
Orphan Scarf
i was going to crochet until i ran out of yarn, but the scarf would've been 80 feet long. i haven't blocked it yet, but the bamboo holds the stretched out shape nicely. my hook collection pretty much stops after J, so i used my only large hook (N) instead of the L hook. it didn't seem to make a difference.

this is a great project for a last minute gift and it would look really nice in a self-striping yarn. if you used a normal sock skein (400+ yds) you could probably get 2 scarves from one ball. i like the look of the finished fabric enough that i might do the cafe curtains for my new kitchen.


  1. Ooo that would make a great curtain! I love the purple! So close with the socks. I think you'll make it!

  2. I just finished a Nancy Bush sock and my toe was waaay shorter than her measurements! Your Groom socks are turning out nicely.



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