Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jerry Garcia would be proud

i can't help but think of these as my dirty hippie socks.
Pattern: Rick
Needles: #2 addi turbos for the first 4.5" and then #1 addi turbos for the rest
Size: ladies' 6
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock in S226
Started: July 16, Finished: July 25
my needles are fairly blunt so i subbed s1, k1, psso for the ssk as i found it easier to work. i also used the pointed toe from knitting vintage socks instead of the wedge toe, just because i'm bored with the wedge toe. when i was closing the hole on the first sock toe, my yarn broke and i wasn't able to find the end as the whole thing stuck together. so fingers crossed that it'll felt and not come unraveled on me anytime soon.

i decided at the last minute to knit these socks and i'm glad i did. the pattern was easy to work and intuitive, and i think it's a perfect marriage of yarn and pattern. kureyon sock was a bear to work with, but i think it was worth it in the end--knots, yarn breaks, tangles, excess twistiness and all. i have another skein in my stash but i think i might use it for something other than socks.
Colorways Club 07/2009
i got July's colorways batt in the mail, and i think it's my new favorite. so many colors this time, and blended so beautifully. i've already spun the first half.

i started packing and i'm now remembering how much it stinks to pack. i had to take a deep breath and just let go of some things that i'll never use, including some sweaters that i never wear and don't want to take the trouble to frog for one reason or another. speaking of which, i better get back to it now.

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  1. Very cool! They looks so great in that colorful yarn!



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