Monday, July 06, 2009

holiday weekends are the best

Blue Harvest in progress
i made it to the border lace on Blue Harvest. it shouldn't be long now before it's finished. unfortunately my cats love malabrigo just as much as i do. they constantly try to lay on the shawl or the yarn as i'm working on it. i'm afraid the yarn will break because it's so fragile, so i'm forever kicking kitties off my lap. this slows my progress considerably, since it's mostly purl purl purl, Ellie, get down! purl purl...
Tangled Yoke
this is a heretofore unblogged project, tangled yoke from interweave knits fall 2007 using delly's delights o so soft alpaca that i bought at rhinebeck last year. i've been working on it here and there between other projects. now that i've finally made it to the non-boring part, i'm thinking it will go faster. luckily the weather has been cooler here so an alpaca sweater project is actually possible. if it heats up again, this one will go back into the storage closet.

i picked up summer interweave crochet. there are several patterns that i really liked. if i ever finish anything, maybe i can start something new.


  1. The colors of Blue Harvest are wonderful. My Garter Yoke Cardi is on the back burner as well.

  2. Oh Delly's...some of my first "real" roving I ever bought myself!



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