Wednesday, July 22, 2009

everyone needs a little more fiber

awhile back i made an agreement with a raveler to split a couple of fleeces that she was having processed. i got a box in the mail yesterday, bursting at the seams with pin-drafted fibery goodness.
CVM pin-drafted roving
this is approximately 1lb 6oz of CVM. the lighting was crap today because it's raining (again) so the colors aren't very accurate. the fleece is a light oatmeal shade. the cvm is kind of a medium fineness but very springy. this one is calling out to be made into something cabley.

this is about 1lb 14oz of cormo cross. it's a very light heathery grey. this roving is quite soft and also pretty crimpy but not as much as the cvm.
Cormo Cross Pin-Drafted Roving
i've never spun pin-drafted roving before, nor have i ever seen either breed. sadly i have to think about moving soon, so i should wait to spin these until the move is complete. for now they'll go into my yarn closet.

thank you everyone for the comments and congratulations. it was definitely one of my better birthdays in a long time. i'm still undecided on the shoes. i have a couple of white pairs that might work, but i'm still debating. i asked spicy if the wedding was outdoors or indoors and all he would say is that it's "on a mountain." i'm probably gonna go the conservative route and not wear spiky heels just in case it's outside.

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  1. Oh wow. Beautiful! I've got a teeney bit of pin drafted roving in my stash as well. Waiting for the right project to spin it for.



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