Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blue Harvest

design in progress
so you know how "Blue Harvest" was the working title for Return of the Jedi? Well, I didn't, but the Family Guy star wars dvd told me so. i'm not great with pattern names, so Blue Harvest will be my working title until I come up with a better one.

it's going well so far. i've used malabrigo lace once before, back in the good ol' days when it was called merino lace and it came in larger put-ups. i love how the yarn has no weight to it at all. the finished shawl should be all floaty and ethereal.

my "A" key is possessed. sometimes it types the letter A when i'm not even touching it. it's a little creepy to come baack to your computer and see that it's saying, "aaaaaaaa" to you. see how i spelled back? i didn't do that. my computer did.

the end.

1 comment:

  1. Didn't you knit another tangled yoke? Maybe not! BTW, I love your shawl you are working on. I tried to comment on the post, but I do not think it went through.



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