Tuesday, June 23, 2009

yay for packages

my ravelry cowl swap package arrived and i couldn't be more excited! my partner, Brie sent an awesome package.
Ravelry cowl swap package
the contents contained: a shell button necklace, a skein of cascade heritage, 2 skeins of lamb's pride worsted, a lovely cowl that i think is silky malabrigo in velvet grapes, the crofter's cowl pattern, and a gift card to starbucks.

she said she wanted to give me coffee but doesn't drink it herself, so she hoped i could use the card. well, i guess i can bring myself to forgive that she isn't a coffee drinker. the fact that she sent me so many beautiful things *almost* makes up for it. look at the pretty button on the cowl.
Ravelry Cowl swap
i had another package waiting for me. i decided that my stash was getting a bit low, so i reupped it with malabrigo from fabulousyarn. i got great service from this store--they shipped my order quickly, and what's not to love about discounted malabrigo?
Malabrigo worsted in black
i bought 6 skeins of worsted in black for an everyday comfy cardigan of some sort
Malabrigo lace in Oceanos
and 4 skeins of lace in oceanos for a lacy sweater of some kind.

the kicker here is that although i am mentally convinced that i'm almost out of yarn, i had real trouble finding space for the skeins in my storage closet. i have no idea why that would be, since i swear i'm almost out of yarn.

yayyyy!!! happy mail days are always the best.


  1. What a great swap package! That button is tres cool!

    I'll have to keep fabulousyarn in my bookmarks. Their discounts looks great! Their website could use a makeover, but I can forgive that if it saves me a few bucks!

  2. What an excellent swap package to receive! The color of the cowl is one of my favorites. Stashes are funny things, too. For me, it seems like no matter how huge the stash gets, I still never have what I'm looking for when a specific project comes up.

  3. I love the style of that cowl--so simple and yet so clever.

    Maybe you can use that second batch of malabrigo to knit yourself some striped underwear? ;-)



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