Monday, June 08, 2009

what's in the bag

Sock project bag
i've made quite a few of these box bags for gifts (tutorial at dragonknitfly) but i hadn't yet made one for myself. i used metro market hens for the exterior and cocoa eggbeaters for the lining, along with some heavy craft interfacing from joann's.

i cut my fabrics 14" x 20". i cut the chicken fabric in half and sewed a 1/4" bottom seam so that the chickens would be right side up on both sides of the bag.

rather than do the divide into thirds thing, i sewed both side seams all the way across and then pinched and stitched my corner triangles at 2".

the heavy interfacing helps the bag keep its shape, and it's the perfect size for sock projects. let's see what's inside.
Sock project bag
awhile back, i used a tiny scrap of leftover alexander henry flower fabric to make this little boxy pouch. i used the same craft interfacing and added a lining by sewing an identical bag in red polka dot fabric and handstitching the lining to the inside of the zipper. this bag is the perfect size for holding stitch markers and darning needles.
Notions bag
the other contents of the bag are my sunshine socks in progress, for the sock innovation kal.
i'm using #1 addi turbos and #0 aluminum dpns. i went down to #0s for the final leg repeat, b/c it's 80 stitches around and i have skinny ankles. i tried the sock on and it fits well with that adjustment.

the yarn is my lemondrop valley yarns franklin. the pattern is knitting up very quickly. it's quite easy, and i like the way the sock looks more than i was expecting to. i think i will keep this pair. it's been awhile since i made socks for myself.


  1. Thank the stars I don't have interfacing or zippers right now...enabler!

  2. I like your box bag. I always wanted one for myself, but I'm intimitated by the zipper! :o)
    Your needle bagy is cute too. With 80 stitches will the socks stay up? I normally use 64 stitches for the leg, even if I do 72 stitches they socks will slide down. That's why I shy away from socks knit with so many stitches, at least when knitting for myself.

  3. Love the box bags! (Box bags are one of the reasons I want to get the hang of this sewing thing!)

  4. Great bags! excuse me I'm off to make myself one. Just what I need ...ANOTHER bag.

  5. What a superb bag. If it was knitted, I'd go hunting for the pattern immediately.

  6. I just saved the box bag tutorial - thanks for the link. I want one of those!
    Pretty Sunshines!



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