Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Swatch

I've really been into lace lately. Armed with my stitch pattern books and my laptop, i played around a bit and came up with a new design. i don't normally show what i'm designing, but i've got quite a lot of work ahead of me and i could use the cheerleading.
Lace Swatch
to state the obvious, it's a triangular shawl, untitled as of right now. It's only 2 main pattern repeats and 2 border repeats. i used some leftover skacel merino lace and #3 addi turbos. there aren't enough border lace repeats to really show off the pattern. i'll have to keep that in mind on the real versions.

i wanted a visually strong lace pattern that can stand out on handpainted yarn. i'm planning to knit 2 versions, a larger lace shawl and a smaller scarf version out of one skein of sock yarn.
Malabrigo lace
i'm starting the larger version first. i'm using the malabrigo lace in oceanos that i just bought from fabulousyarn.

and just for kicks: some Ellie outtakes.
Ellie interruptsEllie interruptsEllie interrupts


  1. I dig it. I'm very impressed with lace designers. THat and cable design is waaaay over my head.
    I'd consider knitting that in a smaller scarf version (but only b/c I don't do shawls--not that it isn't pretty).

  2. Very pretty! I especially like how they curve and point at the same time.



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