Friday, June 12, 2009

sunshine daisies, butter mellow...

Sunshine from Sock Innovation
Valley Yarns Franklin, handdyed by me in Lemondrop
#1 addi turbos and #0 aluminum dpns
Started June 6, Finished June 11
My 11th finished pair of 2009

i followed the pattern as written, except for going down a needle size for the last leg repeat. the socks still bag around the ankle slightly but the fit is better than i thought it would be with 80 stitches.


  1. Gorgeous!

    P.S. Do they also turn a stupid fat rat yellow? Because that would make them even cooler! Not that I would ever see that in person though, since the sight of a rat would send me screaming from the room.

  2. Woah, 80 stitches? Amazing! They turned out great!

  3. Yeah, do they work on rats?

    Awesome socks, even if they don't!

  4. P.S.: Waiting for the one about turning tea into rum. I sense an interesting pattern there.

  5. I sat this months KAL out - but I REALLY like Sunshine, so may have to make them anyway - Yours are pretty in Lemondrop!



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